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Blood sugar is too low it is expression of a kind of disease, the problem in the hypoglycemia in modern life alreadyFall in love with the sea

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, diabetic be hypoglycemia most center one of expression, diabeticShanghai noble baby

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The hypoglycemia symptom that cause is very serious to healthy destruction, for example, does hypoglycemia sleep meet a the dead? Look below explain. Hope everybody can understand.

 Hypoglycemia sleeps meet a the dead

To diabetic person, this is very dangerous! BloodLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Candy under 2.8mmol/L, the symptom with clinical corresponding generation is called ” hypoglycemia ” . The symptom of hypoglycemia: Tremble like flustered, lack of power, hungry feeling, hand, give cold sweat, facial expression iciness of cadaverous, limb, coma, disgusting vomiting; More serious when the obstacle expression on function of occurrence cranial nerve, be like acuteness have a headache, at the moment nigrescent, look matter not clear, utterance is punch-drunk, give an irrelevant answer, unresponsive, sometimes systemic muscle is throbbing, even convulsions, lose consciousness happening finally insensible, not seasonable rescue, can cause death.

1, when producing hypoglycemia, the growth inside body hormone, adrenalin, pancreas rises the equational secrete increase such as candy element, cause reactivity tall blood sugar thereby, namely brazilwood outstanding effect, often behave for blood sugar grow in quantity of candy of exorbitant, make water, arise to diabetic control notForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Fine influence.

 Hypoglycemia sleeps meet a the dead

2, hypoglycemia can make diabetic, especially the heart of senile patient is offerred can, get for oxygen obstacle and generation rhythm of the heart is wrong.

3, the adrenalin when hypoglycemia secretes grow in quantity, make blood pressure lifts substantially, the acting countervail function that causes heart, head, retinal, kidney and end blood-vessel thereby drops, the pathological change that makes these organs is aggravating, cause very serious consequence finally. Common rhythm of the heart is wrong and intentional early wrestle of sex of room fine forehead, room. In addition, can bring about acute cardiac muscle to straighten dead even.

4, relapse for many times hypoglycemia, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Can make the cerebral cell of the diabetic is damaged; The hypoglycemia that lasts for a long time will bring about afterbirth organization to cannot go against a gender to damage, for example unresponsive, stay even have gawkish wait for sequela.

 Hypoglycemia sleeps meet a the dead

5, the patient’s condition that produces hypoglycemia for a long time to be able to bring a diabetic repeatedly is aggravating, affect intelligence quotient thereby, very person produce hypoglycemia hemiplegy, mental disease model fit, insensible, till die.

6, hypoglycemia cure is undeserved, cause cerebral oedema probably, or cerebral blood-vessel accident and disease of low Potassium blood.