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Chapter introduction

From a certain respect for, if the parent is long the word of angst, that is child occurrence problem certainly, the child’s for instance nearest course is bad, classics regular meeting takes an examination of reciprocal the first, achievement respect is not advantageous, perhaps transform suddenly from advantageous achievement difference is unripe, such meetings bring about the parent special catch mad, want the job to take care of a family not only, still need to coach the child’s exercise, once appear,need of parent angst disease notices to solve, must not one fault is again wrong.

 How is parent angst disease solved


How is disease of children occurrence angst solved

1, encourage the child

Finish sth when child err or when the mood is flabby, tell him ” irrespective ” , ” some bolder ” , ” do not be afraid of “Shanghai noble baby

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, ” retry ” , ” father mother believes you ” the word of and so on, after period of time, the child may walk out of angst, build a self-confidence, the society answers difficulty, form optimistic and hopeful disposition.

2, patient land use up all one’s resourcesA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Listen to the child

Establish good trustful relationship with the child, make the child is before parents not fortify, the worry of heart of voluntarily ground confide. When listening to child narrate, the content that father mother says to him makes corresponding response in time, to its anguish expresses to sympathize with appropriately, this conduces to the child releasing the pressure in the heart, eliminate apprehension and intense sentiment, control the assault of insecurity.

3, give child chance more

It is for instance before the child taletelling always is get stuck, parents is OK everyday set 10 minutes ” taletelling time ” , family person becomes audience, ; applauses to also can ask a few children to arrive home to the child after be being told in come, attend a meeting a story or small-sized Party, create the possibility that talks before everybody for the child.

4, family harmonious

Angst disease child the be in a state of anxiety when the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, the heart gets hurt sensitively, easily, little a sign of disturbance or trouble can cause their mood wave motion. Need a warmth, harmonious, dependable, home that can give him safe sense particularly consequently, of parents considerate, caress, comfort what go up with spirit to lead, lower angst index of the child effectively. So, husband and wife has how old difference no matter, also do not reveal before the child come out, cannot wrangle more, avoid a few outsidesShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The element stimulates the child.

 How is parent angst disease solved

1) makes darling has psychology to prepare ahead of schedule.

Darling is very intense to the attaching of pa Mom, let them leave pa Mom at a draught, can make its attaching experiences block, produce detached angst disease, cause insecurity, make darling right go up consequently it is very necessary that nursery school has a psychology to prepare ahead of schedule1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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. The nursery school entrance that darling takes to arrive to will go namely before pa Mom can be in holiday or terming begins or inside turn, see the toy in nursery school, of nursery school desk and chair elegant, of nursery school bed chic etc, let darling is familiar with condition of one runner band and do it new move place is attracted.

2) gives darling the time that handles alone certainly and space in the home.

Be in for example the one horn of the sitting room, use ambry or desk and chair to lie between the space that gives an independence, let darling experience in the line of sight the feeling is less than the case that the adult fixes, over game, see books wait, develop the independent ability of darling, reduce darling to feel to adult attaching.

3) lets darling expect to feel to nursery school generation.

Think to be in nursery school the teacher is a person that can help his, believe those who learn skill to elder brother and elder sister also are happy in nursery school.

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4) pa Mom still can foster the life with certain darling to provide for oneself ability.

If dress, on toilet, have a meal wait for; habits and customs, wait like siesta, help the psychological self-confidence after darling increases garden.

 How is parent angst disease solved

5) pa Mom should adjust good intention condition, give baby with active suggestion.

To pa Mom when darling generation attaching is mixed depend on do not want to go when nursery school, mom of a lot of pa often softhearted, shake. Notice, although darling is small, it is very sensitive however to the affection of pa Mom, state of mind, shake when what darling is aware of pa Mom when state of mind, meeting aggrandizement he does not wish to go up the idea of nursery school. So pa Mom should hold good intention form, hold cheerful mood position, send darling to enter nursery school, give to a bit progress of darling encourage in time.